About Antioch Bible College

  ABBCIS is accredited by The Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries.
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  Classes Currently Being Offered in 5 Ga. Locations. We have Affiliated Schools in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, and we are currently developing a school in Haiti.
  It you are interested in Off-Campus Studies, Call our Director of External Studies Bryan Fox at 678-381-6259, e-mail us using the link at the bottom of the page

Who May Enroll:
  Any adult who desires a greater knowledge of the Word of God for service in a local church, through its training programs, the pulpit ministry, the mission field, youth workers, the counseling ministry, the music ministry or administration is welcome.
   As a Bible College, Institute and Seminary, we have a place for all, regardless of educational background. If you desire to advance the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through a local church ministry by training in a deeper knowledge of the Word of God and the Spiritual Life, you are welcome here.

How To Register:
Fill out the information on our Sign Up Page it will be e-mailed to us.
Print this form
, mail in to our main campus, -OR- come to the first class and give form to the teacher.
OR call 770-334-3946 and leave a brief message with your contact information.

  If you are a new student
with Antioch you may attend the first class free and without obligation. If after the first class you desire not to register you owe us nothing, thanks for considering Antioch.

  Early Registration is July 15 - Aug. 11, Regular Registration is Aug. 13– 18 and Late Registration is August 13 - 15 Please Register as early as possible.

  All students are encouraged to pay in full at the time of registration. If that will create a hardship we offer a no interest payment plan. 25% due at registration 25% due on 4th week, 25% due on 8th week and the final payment of 25% due on the 12th week. Student who do not pay their tuition will not get credits for those classes. Please

Call 770-334-3982 for additional information.


Dr. Gene Winfrey Founder (1922-2013)
Dr. Edward Kirsche Sr. Ph.D. / President / CEO
Dr. Terry Britt D.D. / Business Manager / CFO
Dr. John Weems D.D. / Board Member
Dr. D. L. Cooper D. / Min V.P. and Academic Dean
Dr. Kathryn Daniels Ph.D. / Dean of Women
Dr. Rogers Bryant Jr. D. / Min. Registrar
David Guthrie Director of Development
Glen Manning Tech Support & Web Designer
Office Staff:
David Guthrie, B. Div.
Jonathan Language, M.Div.
Daniel Gribble, M.Div.
Jimmy Pierre, D.D.
Student Teachers
Rogers Bryant, Jr. D. Min.
William Jackson, D. Min.
D. L. Cooper, D. Min.
Amber McGee, D.Th.
J. David Wade, Ph.D.
Edward Kirsche, Sr., Ph.D.
Faculty Professors
Rogers Bryant, Jr. D. Min.
William Jackson, D. Min.
D. L. Cooper, D. Min.
Amber McGee, D.Th.
Edward Kirsche, Sr., Ph.D.