Cost & Fees

Graduation Fees varies depending on what you have and what we need to order $40.00—$150.00

Class Fees
Sign Up / sign up forms  FREE / NO COST
Registration FREE / NO COST
Class Audit per Semester hr. $37.50 (1/2 of normal tuition)
Cost for 1 1/5 S.H. $112.50
Cost for 2 1/2 S.H


Tuition is currently $75.00 per Semester hour

Graduation Fees

 Institute Level

 $50.00  Award, Certificate or Diploma, Reception

 College Level

 $100.00  Diploma, Cap, Gown, Reception

 Seminary Level

 $150.00  Diploma, Cap, Gown, Hood, Reception

(Fees may be adjusted based upon your personal circumstances)


NEW FINANCIAL POLICY: All students are encouraged to pay in full at the time of registration. If that will create a hardship we offer a no interest payment plan. 25% due at registration 25% due on 4th week, 25% due on 8th week and the final payment of 25% due on the 12th week. Student who do not pay their tuition will not get credits for those classes.