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Dr. Edward Kirsche Sr. Ph.D. / President / CEO
  Antioch was established in 1968 by Dr. Gene Winfrey.
Since that time we have been committed to offering a Biblical Education to people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and
believe that He wants them to engage in a serious and systematic study of His Word, the Bible.

We now operate as four schools in one:
    1. A Bible Institute,
    2. A Bible College,
    3, A Seminary,
     and now,
    4. A School of Christian Counceling.

We offer certificates, diplomas, undergraduate degrees, (Associates & Bachelors), as well as graduate degrees, (Masters & Doctorates).
All of these programs can be done at home, on the mission field, at our main campus, or at one of our extension centers.

We cannot make you a preacher, but we can equip the person called by God to be a better preacher through the knowledge of  the Word of God.

Our Georgia Location:

Cartersville: Antioch Baptist Bible Church 315 Grassdale Road, Cartersville. Ga. 30120 For Info. Call: 770-334-3946
Our Extension Centers:

Marietta: Bible Baptist Church  2037 Eula Drive, Marietta, Ga. 30066 For Info. Call: 770-592-2660
Oxford: Cornish Mountain Baptist Church 1089 Cornish
Mountain Ch. Rd, Oxford Ga 30054 Call 404-597-8897

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Dr. Ed Kirsche