Antioch's School of Christian Counseling

  The summer of 2015 Dr. Kirsche and Dr. Wade developed a new program for Antioch Bible College in connection with Federal Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists (FACCT) in Groveland, Fla. (
  Students completing our program who meet the requirements for licensing through FACCT will be able to receive a license or be certified.

  This is a Christ-centered, faith-based program and all degrees are biblical in nature and are designed to give students a strong foundation in church ministry and ministering to others.

For more information contact

Dr. Edward G. Kirsche, Sr. Ph.D. 770-334-3946
(a Licensed Pastoral Counselor with FACCT)
Dr. David Wade, Ph.D. 770-366-1819
(a Licensed Clinical Christian Psychologist with FACCT)