Professional Studies Courses “PS”

PS105 Down to Earth Practical Bible Studies
PS111 Practical Christian Living
PS112 Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts
PS113 Understanding Teaching
PS114 Christian Worship I
PS115 Introduction to Homeless Ministry
PS116 Food Ministry I
PS117 How To Teach the Bible
PS121 Developing a Devotional Life
PS122 A Survey of Christian Ministry
PS123 The Christian Woman
PS124 Fundamentals of Christian Teachers
PS125 Christian Home Schooling
PS125 Contemporary Christianity
PS131 Christianity in the Work Place
PS132 Introduction to Preaching and Teaching
PS133 Victorious Christian Living
PS134 Introduction to Prayers in the Bible
PS211 Understanding Sunday School I
PS212 Introduction to Understanding the Occult
PS213 The Christian Family
PS214 Christian Worship II
PS215 Nursing Home Ministry
PS216 Food Ministry II
PS217 Sunday School Worker
PS221 Music Ministry Worker
PS222 Preachers and Their Wives
PS223 Discipleship Training
PS224 Christian Education Administration
PS225 The Mailing Card Ministry
PS226 Ministerial Development
PS227 Jesus the Master Teacher
PS231 The Deacon Ministry I
PS232 Children’s Ministry I
PS233 The Chaplain Ministry I
PS234 The Christian Congregation
PS235 Effective Preaching & Teaching
PS311 The Ministry of the Pastor I
PS312 The Ministry of the Youth Pastor I
PS313 The Prison Ministry
PS321 The Ministry of Evangelism I
PS322 The Pastors Wife I
PS323 Church Problems
PS324 Fundraising
PS325 Church Planting
PS326 Church Administration
PS331 The Christian Missionary I
PS332 Sermon Preparation
PS333 Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
PS334 Church Secretary
PS335 Radio TV Ministry
PS336 Cassette / Shut-in Ministry
PS411 The Ministry of the Pastor II
PS412 The Ministry of the Youth Pastor II
PS413 The Chaplain Ministry II
PS421 The Ministry of Evangelism II
PS422 The Pastors Wife II
PS423 The Deacon Ministry II
PS424 Church Treasury
PS425 Church Clerk
PS431 The Christian Missionary II
PS432 Children Ministry II
PS433 Sunday School II
PS441 Professional Studies Seminar
PS442 Professional Studies Practicum
PS443 Professional Advanced Studies
PS501 Practical Christian Living
PS505 Down to Earth Practical Bible Studies
PS510 Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts
PS511 Professional Studies Seminar
PS512 The Ministry of Caring
PS513 Song Leading
PS521 Hermeneutics
PS522 Ministerial Development
PS523 Pastoral Ministry
PS533 Writing a Thesis
PS611 Curriculum Development
PS612 Ministry of Outreach
PS613 Church Planting
PS621 Teaching Adults
PS622 Understanding People
PS623 Advanced Professional Studies Seminar
PS631 Mission Trip (Location)
PS632 Professional Studies Practicum
PS633 Writing a Dissertation