General Education Courses

GE105 English as a Second Lang. (Eng.)
GE111 How to Study (Ed)
GE112 Geography of the Holy Land or Biblical Background (Geo)
GE113 Understanding People (Psy)
GE114 Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Hs)
GE121 Introduction to Public Speaking (Sp)
GE122 Manners & Customs of Bible Lands or People of the Bible (Hs)
GE123 Human Relationships (Psy)
GE124 1st (early) Church History (Hs)
GE131 History: a Christian Perspective or Survey of History (Hs)
GE132 Character Studies or Biblical Personalities (Psy)
GE133 Sociology I (Soc)
GE211 English Grammar (Eng)
GE212 History of Selected Christians or Influential Christians (Hs)
GE213 Introduction to Spanish (Lng)
GE214 Effective Communications (Eng)
GE221 Self-Confrontation (Psy)
GE222 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (Psy)
GE223 Creation Science (Sc)
GE225 People Who Influenced Church History (Hs)
GE231 Biblical Perspective of Finance or Personal Finances (Math)
GE232 Pedagogy (Ed)
GE233 History of the Christian Faith (Hs)
GE234 History of Israel (Hs)
GE311 Christian Education (Ed)
GE312 Christian English Literatim (Eng)
GE313 Spanish I (Lng)
GE314 Grief Counseling
GE321 Homiletics (Sp)
GE322 Archaeology & Bible History (Hs)
GE323 Biblical Cities (Geo/His)
GE331 Church History (Hs)
GE332 History of Revivals (Hs)
GE333 Baptist History (Hs)
GE411 English Composition (Eng)
GE412 How to Teach the Bible (Ed)
GE413 Life of Paul (Hs)
GE421 Christian Counseling (Psy)
GE422 Nouthetic Counseling (Psy)
GE423 Sociology II (Soc)
GE431 Basic Bookkeeping (Math)
GE432 How to Write (Eng)
GE433 Counseling (Case studies)
GE434 History of Greek culture and Language (Hs)
GE441 General Education Seminar
GE442 General Education Practicum
GE443 Advanced General Education Studies
GE511 Computers and Ministry (Cp.)
GE512 Jewish Life, Then and Now (Hs)
GE513 Introduction to Spanish (Lng)
GE514 Introduction to Public Speaking (Sp)
GE521 Geography of the Holy Land or The Land of Israel (Geo)
GE522 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (Psy)
GE523 Creation Science (Sc)
GE524 Ethics (Phy)
GE525 People who Influenced Church History (Hs)
GE530 Biblical Counseling I (Psy)
GE531 Systematic Biblical Research (Ed)
GE532 Character Studies or Biblical Personalities (Psy)
GE541 Advanced General Education Seminars
GE542 General Education Practicum
GE620 Biblical Counseling II (Psy)
GE621 Homiletics (Sp)
GE622 Manners & Customs of Bible Lands or People of the Bible (Hs)
GE623 General Education Seminar
GE632 Advanced General Education Practicum