Dococtrinal Courses “DO”

Undergraduate level
classes 100-400

Graduate level
classes 500-800


DO100-500 Introduction to Jesus (Jesus in Every Book of the Bible)
DO101-501 Introduction to the Subjects of the Bible
DO102-502 Major Bible Themes I (God & Bible)
DO103-503 Major Bible Themes II (Angels, Mankind & Sin)
DO104-504 What the Bible says about: Faith
DO105-526 Studies in Bible Doctrine I
DO111-511 Survey of Systematic Theology
DO112-547 Doctrinal Questions and Answers
DO114- Spiritual Well-Being
DO115-512 Systematic Theology I (Theology & Bibliology)
DO121-612 What the Bible says about God (Theology Proper)
DO122-552 What the Bible says about the Devil & Demons
DO124-518 Introduction to Biblical Ethics
DO131-611 What the Bible says about Itself (Bibliology)
DO132-510 Introduction to Christian Apologetics
DO133-621 What the Bible says about Angels (Angelology)
DO134-536 Biblical Preaching and Teaching
DO135-539 Studies in Bible Doctrine II
DO136-529 A Taste of Israel
DO137-534 Worship
DO200-600 Titles and Names of Jesus
DO201-601 Titles and Names of God
DO202-626 What the Bible says about: The Tribulation
DO204-604 What the Bible says about: Future / Signs of the Times (End Times)
DO205-505 Introduction to Systematic Theology
DO207-545 Christian Apologetics
DO211-546 What the Bible says about Prayer
DO212-631 What the Bible says about Salvation / Soteriology
DO213-602 Major Bible Themes III (Church & Salvation)
DO214-513 Systematic Theology II (Angelology, Anthropology & Hamartiology)
DO221-521 How to Talk to People About Jesus (Evangelism)
DO222-549 What the Bible says about Heaven & Future
DO223-550 Major Bible Themes IV or Introduction to Eschatology
DO224-517 The Olivet Discourse
DO225-543 Church Questions
DO226-556 Introduction To Calvinism vs. / or Arminianism
DO227-527 What the Bible says about Money (Biblical Stewardship)
DO230-530 Christian Maturity
DO231-516 What the Bible says about Family Life / The Christian Family
DO232-614 What the Bible says about The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
DO233-613 What the Bible says about Christ (Christology)
DO234-544 Thinking about End-Times / Sequences of End-Time Events
DO235-551 Studies in Bible Doctrine III
DO256-556 What the Bible says about: Grace
DO305-553 Studies in Bible Doctrine IV
DO309-609 Witnessing to Religious People
DO311-506 Doctrine I (Theology & Bibliology)
DO312-554 Christ in the Old Testament
DO313-555 World Evangelism
DO314-557 Discerning the Spirits
DO319-519 Christianity and Culture (Syncretism on the Mission Field)
DO321-507 Doctrine II (Angelology, Anthropology & Hamartiology)
DO322-623 What the Bible says about the Church (Ecclesiology)
DO323-558 Saved by Grace
DO324-559 Messianic Psalms
DO325-625 Creation Theology
DO330-630 Priesthood of the Believer
DO331-560 Christian Evidences
DO332-561 Biblical Christianity
DO333-562 Introduction To Textual Criticism
DO334-563 Problems in the Church
DO335-564 New Testament Church Ordinances
DO336-537 Jewish Studies for Christians I
DO338-538 Biblical Worldview (Can be repeated different topics)
DO340-540 The High Priest
DO348-548 Jewish Objections to the Gospel
DO360-660 Danger of Replacement Theology
DO405-565 Studies in Bible Doctrine V
DO410-610 Heathenism on the Mission Field
DO411-508 Doctrine III (Ecclesiology & Soteriology)
DO412-632 What the Bible says about Sin / Harmatology
DO413-636 Current Questions and Bible Answers
DO414-566 What the Bible says about Hell
DO416-716 The Abrahamic Covenant
DO417-617 The Antichrist
DO421-509 Doctrine IV (Eschatology)
DO422-603 Bibliology
DO423-605 What the Bible says about: People
DO424-606 Theological Library Science
DO425-616 Millennial Kingdom
DO431-607 Current Theological Topics (Can be repeated different topics)
DO432-608 Being Born Again
DO433-618 Salvation Excuses
DO435-646 Studies in Bible Doctrine VI
DO437-637 Jewish Studies for Christians II
DO441-541 Doctrinal Seminar (Can be repeated different topics)
DO442-649 Doctrinal Practicum (Can be repeated different)
DO443-645 Advanced Doctrinal Studies (Can be repeated different)
DO641-619 Advanced Seminars (Can be repeated different topics)
DO-514 The Gospel of Grace
DO-515 Doctrine of Missions

DO-520 End Time Counseling Problems
DO-522 Systematic Theology III (Ecclesiology & Soteriology)
DO-523 Systematic Theology IV (Eschatology)
DO-524 Covenant Theology
DO-525 Survey of Eschatology or Views of Eschatology
DO-528 The Unreached World
DO-531 Soteriology / Evangelism
DO-532 Systematic Theology V
DO-533 Systematic Theology VI
DO-535 Biblical Covenants & Dispensations
DO-542 Theology of Religion
DO-615 Hebraic Studies
DO-622 Anthropology
DO-624 Satanology
DO-633 Eschatology
DO-634 Apologetics
DO-635 Demonology
DO-642 Evangelistic Spanish
DO-643 Human Tongue