General Education Courses
Undergraduate level
classes 100-400


Graduate level
classes 500-800

GE105-505 English as a Second Lang. (Eng)
GE109-509 Introduction to Basic English (Eng.)
GE110-520 Western Civilization—Before Christ/ O.T. History (Hs)
GE111-611 How to Study (Ed)
GE112-521 Geography of the Holy Land/Biblical Background (Geo)
GE113-518 Understanding People/Human Dev. Chr. Perspective (Psy)
GE114-614 Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Hs)
GE115-516 Animals of the Bible (Sc.)
GE117-517 Human Anatomy and Physiology (Sc.)
GE121-514 Introduction to Public Speaking (Sp)
GE122-622 Manners & Customs of Bible Lands / People of the Bible (Hs)
GE123-603 Human Relationships (Psy)
GE124-526 1st (early) Church History (Hs)
GE128-528 Women Counseling Women (Psy)
GE131-607 History: a Christian Perspective / Survey of History (Hs)
GE132-532 Character Studies or Biblical Personalities (Psy)
GE133-606 Sociology I (Soc)
GE134-534 The Herodian Family (Hs.)
GE139-539 Life of Christ (Hs)
GE210-610 Modern History After the Birth of Christ (Hs.)
GE211-602 English Grammar (Eng)
GE212-612 History of Selected Christians/Influential Christians (Hs)
GE213-513 Introduction to Spanish or Spanish for Ministry (Lng)
GE214-604 Effective Communications (Eng)
GE215-635 Life of Abraham (Hs.)
GE221-605 Self-Confrontation (Psy)
GE222-522 Intro. to Biblical/Christian Counseling / Psy. of Cou. (Psy)
GE223-523 Creation Science (Sc)
GE224-524 Ethics (Phy)
GE225-525 People Who Influenced Church History (Hs)
GE226-512 Jewish Life, Then and Now (Hs)
GE231-608 Biblical Perspective of Finance/Personal Finances (Math)
GE232-507 Introduction to Christian Education (Pedagogy) (Ed)
GE233-501 History of the Christian Faith (Hs)
GE234-634 History of Israel (Hs)
GE235-535 Jesus’ Leadership Principles/Pastoral Leadership (Psy)
GE236-511 Computers and Ministry (Cp.)
GE237-624 Life of Moses (Hs.)
GE310-630 Understanding the Constitution of the United States (Hs)
GE311-511 Christian Education (Ed)
GE312-502 Christian English Literature (Eng)
GE313-613 Spanish I or In-Depth Spanish (Lng)
GE314-601 Grief Counseling / Crisis & Trauma Counseling (Psy)
GE315-615 History of Islam (Hs.)
GE319-519 Philosophy of Religion (Phi)
GE321-621 Homiletics (Sp)
GE322-609 Archaeology & Bible History (Hs)
GE323-533 Biblical Cities or Cities of Israel (Geo/His)
GE324-544 The State of Happiness (Psy)
GE327-527 Poetry from a Biblical Perspective (Eng.)
GE328-528 Abnormal Psychology (Christian Perspective) (Psy)
GE329-729 Collecting and Analyzing Data (Ed.)
GE330-530 Biblical Counseling I or Pastoral Counseling I (Psy)

GE331-631 Church History (Hs)
GE332-508 History of Revivals (Hs)
GE333-633 Baptist History / Distinctives (Hs)
GE334-543 Critical Thinking in the Ministry (Psy)
GE335-555 The Story/History of the Puritans (Hs.)
GE338-538 History of Christian Doctrine (Hs)
GE339-531 Systematic Biblical Research (Ed)
GE341-641 History of The Jehovah Witnesses (Hs)
GE345-545 Language and Culture in Mission Work (Lng)
GE410-510 History of the King James Bible (Hs)
GE411-503 English Composition (Eng)
GE412-616 How to Teach the Bible (Ed)
GE413-515 Life of Paul (Hs)
GE414-617 Family / Marriage Counseling (Psy)
GE415-??? Bible People Confirmed by Archaeology (Hs)
GE420-620 Biblical Counseling II or Pastoral Counseling II (Psy)
GE421-639 Biblical / Christian Counseling (Psy) (Repeatable if different)
GE422-618 Nouthetic Counseling (Psy) 
GE423-619 Sociology II (Soc)
GE424-626 The Herodian Family (Hs.)
GE431-627 Basic Bookkeeping (Math)
GE432-625 How to Write (Eng)
GE433-628 Counseling (Case studies) (Psy)
GE434-629 History of Greek culture and Language (Hs)
GE441-623 General Education Seminar (Repeatable if different topics)
GE442-542 General Education Practicum (Repeatable if different topics)
GE443-541 Advanced Gen. Ed. Seminars (Repeatable if different topics)
GE444-632 Advanced Gen. Ed. Practicum (Repeatable if different topics)