Levels of Studies
We want to help every student the Lord leads to us. Therefore
 At ABBCIS, have developed a Stair-step method of awards.

Satisfactory Complete

 and You will receive a:
630 more Credits
(Total 120)
 "Bachelors Degree"
530 more Credits
(Total 90)
 “Graduate of Theology Diploma”
430 more Credits
(Total 60)
 “Certificate of Advanced Biblical Studies” or an Associates Degree.
310 more Credits
(Total 30)
 “Certificate of Biblical Studies”
210 more Credits
(Total 20)
 “Advanced Christian Service Award”
110 Credits“Christian Service Award”
  Each step is 30 Semester Hour Credits, with, with  the exception of the first two “baby” steps.
  Each step represent 10 Semester Hour Credits.