Professional Studies Courses “PS”
level classes 100-400


level classes 500-800

PS105-505 Down to Earth Practical Bible Studies

PS106-506 Vacation Bible School

PS107-607 Ministry of Outreach

PS108-622 Understanding People

PS111-501 Practical Christian Living

PS112-510 Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

PS113-504 Understanding Teaching

PS114-507 Christian Worship I

PS115-508Introduction to Homeless Ministry

PS116-516 Food Ministry I

PS117-509 How To Teach the Bible

PS118-512 The Ministry of Caring

PS119- The Hospital Visit                                                         

PS121-521 Developing a Devotional Life

PS122-522 A Survey of Christian Ministry

PS123-502 The Christian Woman

PS124-524 Fundamentals of Christian Teachers

PS125-525 Christian Home Schooling

PS126-526 Contemporary Christianity

PS127-527 Church Business / Management

PS128-528 Christian Reading Club

PS131-531 Christianity in the Work Place

PS132-532 Introduction to Preaching and Teaching

PS133-533 Victorious Christian Living

PS134-534 Introduction to Prayers in the Bible

PS137-537 Halfway House Ministry / Ministry House

PS138-513 Song Leading

PS139-739 Fundamentals of Christian Teachers

PS205-514 Church Problems I

PS209- Senior’s Ministry

PS210-610 Christian Life Studies

PS211-503 Understanding Sunday School I

PS212-612 Introduction to Understanding the Occult

PS213-529 The Christian Family

PS214-539 Christian Worship II

PS215-515 Nursing Home Ministry

PS216-616 Food Ministry II

PS217-517 Sunday School Worker

PS218-518 Homiletics (The Art of Preaching)

PS219-519 Hermeneutics (Interpreting Scriptures)

PS220-620 Introduction to Church Leadership

PS221-545 Music Ministry Worker

PS222-628 Preachers and Their Wives

PS223-723 Discipleship Training

PS224-624 Christian Education Administration

PS225-625 The Mailing Card Ministry

PS226-626 Ministerial Development

PS227-627 Jesus the Master Teacher

PS231-629 The Deacon Ministry I

PS232-542 Children’s Ministry I

PS233-543 The Chaplain Ministry I

PS234-639 The Christian Congregation

PS235-635 Effective Preaching & Teaching

PS236-636 Teaching Adults

PS310-530 The Christian Counselor I

PS311-540 The Ministry of the Pastor I

PS312-712 The Ministry of the Youth Pastor I

PS313-523 The Prison Ministry I

PS315-715 Christian Journalism I

PS316- Church Promotions

PS321-721 The Ministry of Evangelism I

PS322-722 The Pastors Wife I

PS323-718 Church Problems II

PS324-724 Fundraising

PS325-613 Church Planting

PS326-536 Church Administration

PS330-611 Curriculum Development

PS331-731 The Christian Missionary I

PS332-732 Sermon Preparation

PS333-733 Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

PS334-734 Church Secretary

PS335-735 Radio TV Ministry

PS336-736 Cassette / Shut-in Ministry

PS337-737 Social Media Ministry

PS338-538 The Non-Profit Corporation I

PS410-560 The Christian Counselor II

PS411-544 The Ministry of the Pastor II

PS412-812 The Ministry of the Youth Pastor II

PS413-653 The Chaplain Ministry II

PS414-634 Expository Preaching

PS415-815 Christian Journalism II

PS421-821 The Ministry of Evangelism II

PS422-822 The Pastors Wife II

PS423-823 The Deacon Ministry II

PS424-824 Church Treasury

PS425-825 Church Clerk

PS426-615 The Prison Ministry II

PS431-630 The Christian Missionary II

PS432-652 Children Ministry II

PS433-844 Understanding Sunday School II

PS434-631 Mission Trip (Location) (Can be repeated– different locations or dates)

PS435-535 The Drama Ministry

PS438-638 The Non-Profit Corporation II

PS441-511 Professional Studies Seminar  (Can be repeated– different topics)

PS442-642 Professional Studies Practicum

PS443-643 Professional Advanced Studies

PS444–644 Writing a Thesis

PS445-645 Writing a Dissertation